Cattani Simone

born in Cles (TN) Italy on 03/03/1991
address: via Grotta, 3 Termon di Campodenno (TN) 38010
phone: (+39) 340 6523880
e.mail: personal at
country: Italy


  • scientific high school diploma - Liceo B.Russell, Cles (TN) Italy
  • currently attending the third year of Computer Science Engineering at Politecnico of Milano, Italy ( credits 150/150, marks average 28.6/30 )


italian - native language
english - Cambridge ESOL - Preliminary English Test certificate

computer skills

  • excellent knowledge of C and Objective-C, fairly familiar with objects oriented programming, base knowledge of C++ and Java languages.
  • web developing: excellent knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Ajax. good ability to use MySQL databases.
  • good usage of linux shell and experience in remote linux server's managing.
  • really good familiarity with MacOS, Linux and Windows.
  • base knowledge of softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator and AutoCAD.

work experience

  • internship at Endivia (2012) - developing (web platform)
  • internship at AlpInformatica (summer 2011) - developing of websites and web applications for public and private organizations.
  • summer apprenticeship at InoxSystem snc (summer 2008), mechanical skills.
  • summer apprenticeship at Bioelettrica srl (summer 2007), electrical and electronic skills.

courses and other activities

  • winner of WebValley 2009 scholarship, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, for a research project on data sonification.
  • qualified for the Math's Olympics (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 editions) at provincial and national competition.
  • qualified for the Computer Science's Olympics (2008, 2009 editions).
  • qualified for the Physic's Olympics (2008, 2009, 2010 editions).

activities & hobbies

I practiced archery for 10 years, participating at national and international competitions. It's an activity that still fascinates me and that I try to practice in my free time.
I attended music school for 8 years, with particular attention to the study of music's theory and use of instruments such as accordion, trumpet and piano, and also participating in a youth band group.
I have been particularly interested in technology since I was young.
In 2009 I've opened a personal blog of technology news and since december 2009 I collaborate as an author for blog.
In the summer time I always keep myself busy with voluntary organizations to set up and lead social and cultural events.
I really love traveling, and I have a great interest in different cultures and social realities.

I'm a young student interested in technology and computer science. Currently I'm studying computer science at Politecnico di Milano. In the free time I work as web and iOS developer.

"317 is a prime, not because we think so, but because it is so" - G.H.Hardy, 1940

here you can find a short list of the most relevant projects I have worked on individually or in group

06-2012 - ios app

lo spicchio d'aglio

link - with Bertoni Michele, Marcon Mattia

03-2012 - contancts ... portal


link - with Endivia

09-2011 - localized e.commerce portal

link - with AlpInformatica

02-2011 - ios free flash player


link - with Scrinzi Federico (fox)

07-2010 - wordpress plugin